WCSWEB Networks use only premium data centers to house our servers that is why we have choosen WiredTree network! It was built from the ground up to provide maximum reliability to our clients while also delivering the lowest latency and highest throughput possible. To reach this goal, we focused on the four key components: design, bandwidth providers, hardware, and location.


The WiredTree network consists of two separate networks: a public Internet network and a private internal network. This “network within a network” design is comprised of two logically separate and redundant network architectures.

The public Internet network connects client servers to the Internet at 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps port speeds. Each client is isolated to their own private VLAN to maximize security. This network is continuously monitored for performance and reliability. Bandwidth graphs, projections and custom alerts are available through our proprietary client portal.

The private internal network is not reachable from the public Internet. It also separates client servers into their own private VLAN security purposes, and also allows us to provide many services not found at other providers. Through the use of IPMI 2.0 technology our staff can access your server securely through a remote console as if they were physically standing at the server itself. IPMI 2.0 functions independently of the software on the server so this access is possible even if the server is not responding over the public network interface. This dramatically improves support response times and allows for an unprecedented level of control.

Through the private network, a client's servers can communicate with each other at up to 1000Mbps speeds. They can also connect to internal services offered by WiredTree: FTP/Rsync backup, Network Attached Storage, update servers, DNS resolvers, service monitoring, IPMI metrics, and software/OS performance metrics – all without using any of their public bandwidth allowance.

Bandwidth graphs for the private interface are available in our proprietary client portal. There is no charge for any traffic on the private network.

Bandwidth Providers

We took great care in researching and selecting only the highest quality bandwidth providers for our network to ensure we provide low latency and high availability to all locations both domestically and abroad.

Level(3) was recently named as the #1 IP transit provider in both North America and Europe by Renesys Corp, an independent research firm. Level(3) operates one of the world’s largest, newest and most advanced Tier-1 telecommunications networks. The network spans 23,000 intercity route miles and serves the world's 10 largest phone companies, 10 largest Internet service providers, and 6 largest cable providers. They were also ranked in the top 10 globally for Asia-Pacific connectivity.

NTT Communications operates a high quality Tier 1 IP backbone with direct connection to major ISPs in Asia, the U.S., Europe and Oceania. The network currently boasts the industry's largest dedicated Internet bandwidth of 160Gbps between Japan and U.S and 53Gbps in Asia Pacific to provide end users with fast, smooth global Internet connections. The network currently operates with 4.3Tbps total backbone capacity, and 705Gbps peering capacity. NTT was recently rated in the Top 5 for Global IP Transit and Asia-Pacific Transit.

has engineered its network around a single platform - AS3561 - which enables one global IP backbone, rather than regional Autonomous Systems stitched together. That means that once data gets on the network, it's a single BGP hop to the global network node nearest its destination. This minimizes the number of router hops and reduces the risk of downtime when traffic has to traverse multiple networks.

Some of our international competitors support services on multiple continents through joint ventures and partnerships. SAVVIS owns its own network - there are no joint ventures that may affect performance and support.

A single AS means:
  • Customers are only one hop away from content hosted on the SAVVIS network
  • Access to all of the routes on the Internet
  • A single end-to-end Service Level Agreement
Network features include:
  • 24Gb/s upstream network link capacity
  • Based on industry-leading Juniper core routers and Cisco equipment specifically designed for the needs of Tier 1 "carrier-class" customers
  • OC-48/OC-192 backbone trunks, supporting MPLS protocol1
  • AS3561 is consistently rated over time as having the lowest latency, lowest packet loss, and highest reliability
  • SAVVIS firmly segregates Layer-2 (transmission) and Layer-3 (routing)
  • Layer-2 is ATM-based for traffic management
  • Core network is designed for zero packet loss
  • SAVVIS is moving to more efficient MPLS Layer 2 protocol

The graphic below illustrates our USA peering locations. SAVVIS primarily peers in Chicago, Seattle, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, and San Francisco.


Our robust and scalable network utilizes only routing and switching products from industry-leaders Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. We use Juniper M-series routers in our border routing layer and Cisco 3750 series switch stacks in our core switching and aggregation layer. This setup is fully meshed with redundant internal and external fiber connections for maximum reliability. At the client access level we use Cisco 2960 series switches for both our public and private networks. These switches are connected in a bonded, redundant fashion to our core layer to not only enhance reliability but to reduce the risk of congestion and provide maximum throughput.


Our network in downtown Chicago is the ideal location to provide low latency connectivity to all locations around the globe. Chicago is one of the most well connected cities in the world. It serves as one of North America's largest Internet hubs and is home to every major network provider. The central hub location allows for many routes between our network and final destination points which greatly increases network reliability.

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